New Epic Christmas Decorations from East of India

New Epic Christmas Decorations from East of India

I know its not even Halloween yet but I have a proper soft spot for Christmas and Christmas decorations especially. I am borderline Christmas obsessed so it should be no surprise that Christmas decorations would make an appearance in the tore at some point. Here are some of my favourites from my latest delivery from East of India, all available for you to buy in the shop now. 

Above- Beautiful embroidered Merry Christmas fabric labels, sets of five. 

Old school paper garland kits, available in three designs, all super cute! 

There are a bunch of painted wooden ornaments including reindeer, snowflakes and these adorable chubby Christmas trees. 

There are also a couple of metal sheet cut decorations, these stag heads are my favourites. 

And last up for today are these painted thread reels wrapped with the merry Christmas labels, threaded with red stitched ribbons. I think these are the cutest thing ever! 

All of these would look amazing hung on your Christmas tree of even better used as decorative tags adoring your festive gifts. 

I hope you enjoy the collection as much as I did choosing them for you (and a little for me) and that they look amazing decorating your homes this Christmas.

Sammy xxx

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