Signs of the Sewdiac Box 4 The Rotary Cutter

Signs of the Sewdiac Box 4 The Rotary Cutter

It's already time for the next Signs of the Sewdiac subscription box! Can you believe it! Last months box and pins are now finally all on their way, so I can reveal the contents of box 4 'The Rotary Cutter'

Box number four contains items including an enamel pin, pin banner kit, a sheet of temporary tattoos, a greetings card and sticker.

This is the pin, as you can see it is similar to our first pin in that it includes a hand holding the cutter. I love it and I hope you do too.

By now your pin collection should be growing and you need somewhere to store them so I thought a pin banner would be a handy thing to make, of course, you can just hang it up as it is if you like or you can embellish it with embroidery and sequins. It's totally up to you how much or little you choose to do. I can't wait to see mine will all twelve pins hanging on it!

I am still working on designing my own sewing tattoo, it's not something that should be rushed in too! So in the meantime, I am plastering myself with these temporary tattoos. I am a little bit obsessed. I am just writing a post about creative projects involving temporary tattoos for those of you who don't fancy using them on yourself.

As with the last box we have also included a sticker and greetings card. Don't forget that some of the items, If we have any left, will be available on my Etsy store about a week after the boxes have been shipped, so if you want to stock up on your fave items you can.   I am honestly so happy with this box and I hope that you will be too. Which is your favourite piece this month?

Sammy xxx

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