Hemline Gold Needles in a Jar

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Product Information

Hemline Gold Needles Jar
Premium quality quilting needles in a reusable glass jar with a brushed gold lid.
Quality needles made from strong nickel-plated carbon steel with a gold eye
Quilting Jar contains sizes 8 & 9 x4 of each size and size 10 x2.
Sharps Jar contains sizes 5 & 7 x4 of each size and size 10 x2.
Embroidery Jar contains sizes 3, 5 & 9 x2 of each and size 7 x4.
Fine, small round eye needles for quick, even stitching.
Packing includes a handy cut-out needle size guide to keep in your jar.
Glass jar dimensions: 60 x 16 x 16mm.