10 Amazing Things I Learnt from My Coach...

10 Amazing Things I Learnt from My Coach...

Last summer I spoke about deciding to work with a business coach and at the time I was completely unaware of how much it was going to change my whole life. I want to share the things that I have learnt about myself that helped me become more excited than ever about my business and my future. so here are the 10 Amazing Things I Learnt from my Business Coach that Have Changed My Life.

  • History is not the future. As important as it is to learn from the past, it is the past and just because something is the way it has always been done doesn't mean that it can't be done differently. I found that what had come before was a real sticking point for me in some areas of my business. I am trying to let go of the restrictions I have put upon myself and lean in to new ways of working.

  • I am not an island. I spoke before about the fact that I am a control freak and a perfectionist, I know these are things I will need to work on for the rest of my life but I have been able to start 'dialling down the crazy' to let others help me achieve my goals. Allowing people to help is not a failure on my part for not being able to do it all, or be everything to everyone.

  • Why I do what I do. When I am usually asked why did I decide to run a sewing shop, the easy answer is because my mum asked me to be her partner in the business. But the long answer is because I have always imagined working for myself. The idea of punching a clock for the benefit of a faceless corporation was never going to be my way of life. I was lucky enough to get to do that with the backing of my family from an early age and in an industry that I already loved. I do what I do because I love it, it's a part of who I am and I hope I get to keep on doing it for many many more years to come.

  • I am my own worst enemy. I am, as many of us are, inclined to self-sabotage. I have come to terms with the idea that when I feel myself getting into one of 'those moods' I try and catch myself before I fall all the way in and have a really good word with myself. If I do fall all the way I try not to wallow in it and climb out asap. It's not easy and I still end up giving in to the little devil on my shoulder sometimes but much less than before after realising that the only person who is suffering from this sabotage is me.

  • What other people think doesn't matter. Of course, it is important not to alienate your customers, not caring what other people think is not an excuse for neglecting customer service, that's not what this means. However, it does mean that you know why you started your business and what it means to you. No one else will ever really know the relationship that you have with your brand  

  • Taking time off is not my enemy. I'm sure I am not alone here but being a workaholic means that I get nervous to take time away from my business. It is basically FOMO (fear of missing out) I am always worried that I am going to miss something important or miss an email that can change my life ( they don't exist really by the way) but it is actually really bad to not take time out for myself for so many reasons.

  • I don't look after myself well enough. so not taking time for myself has been something that has been really hard but in the last 4 years, I have had no choice but to take the time to step back. I still find it hard to treat myself in a friendly way. If I think about it too much it scares me how horrible I can be to myself, think about how you talk to yourself, how you punish yourself for the slightest slip,  now think about doing that to your best friend... you just wouldn't would you, so why do it to yourself. 

  • I am my most valuable asset. A friend of mine once told me that 'you can only sell what you know' I sell sewing and craft supplies because I love sewing and crafts. I know the kind of things that I need and want to buy for myself to create, I can keep an eye on trends because it's natural for me to do so for myself so it makes so much sense to put that knowledge to use in my business

  • I am successful. When My Coach asked me what I wanted the most in life I answered with my go-to answer when anyone asks me, I want to be successful. It took me a long time to accept that fact that I already am. Depending on what your definition of successful is obviously, but try taking a look back at all the things you have achieved in the last 10 years of your life and see how you feel about your level of success after that exercise, If your anything like me you will be convinced that  what you want so badly, you already are. 

  • I am a badass business bitch. I get up every day, I work hard, I do the best I can and am grateful. 

I really hope that some of these have hit home, even if its just a little for you. I still have to work on some of these things every day, I am a constant W.I.P. but that's okay too. Authentic growth is something that takes time but is so worth the wait.

If you are interested in looking into working with a business coach head over to Women Who Create who have some great contacts and is where I found mine. 

Sammy xxx

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