3 Ways with Sleeves

3 Ways with Sleeves



There is one thing that has taken the main stage in the last year or so, on the catwalk and sooner than ever came through to the high street. The best thing for us as dressmakers is that we can easily replicate these details in your pieces either with pattern hack or just customising existing pieces. The trend has shown no sign of disappearing any time soon either. So let's roll them up and get stuck into talking about sleeves!

These images above show just a few of the styles that have caught my eye on Pinterest as being attractive enough to incorporate into your wardrobe.

1. Adding trimmings, lace or beads to a sleeve is probably the simplest way to add something extra without diving all in because they are things that can be sewn to an existing garment, but they can also be easily removed after the trend has passed.

2. If you are more into the idea and handy with fabrics then adding a ruffle to a sleeve is a great way to give more drama to an outfit, either gathered or a Spanish style to add volume from the armhole or at the elbow to create a bell sleeve.

3. Altering a pattern to include a sleeve detail like a tie or bow is a little more effort but worth it for that designer level of finish. It is also something that will date the garment so it is probably best kept to one feature piece and not repeated every-time you make the garment in the future. However, if it is kept to the end of the sleeve, it can always be altered and removed if you decide its not for you anymore.

I hope that has given you some thoughts about adding some sleeve detail to your next make. I have been keeping an eye on ideas because I want to add a little something to my next make, I am thinking some elbow bow sleeve, that's not too girly. We will see how that goes later in the month. Which is your favourite sleeve detail? Do you like the sleeve trend or are you over it already? I would love to know what you think.

Sammy xxx

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