Sunday Chill Vol.9 Reading

Sunday Chill Vol.9 Reading

I have been the least chill human over the summer months because of the hot weather but now that the temperature has chilled I am back in the zone. I had the joy of a 10 day holiday this month which was like a whole week of Sundays in one and the thing I spent most of my time doing, aside from napping (obviously) was reading.

I took four books in my suitcase and my kindle just in case and I managed to get through all four and start a fifth on the way home. I always feel super proud of myself when I finish a book because reading has not always been a pleasure for me.

As a kid I really struggled with books, I was never interested in the stories they had to tell me, I mostly just wanted to be drawing or painting. I used to get really frustrated and bored so easily that it has taken me years to find pleasure in books. 

It took until I was in my late 20’s to even think about reading a fiction book again. The main problem I think and the reason I read the most when I am on holiday is that, is that I get invested and find it hard to stop. I have the same with TV shows, Netflix and their damn binge option is both a blessing and a curse for me. 

However, when I do get the chance I do love to get into a good book. Of the four you see above I really enjoyed ‘The Keeper of Lost Things’ was by far my favourite, I would totally recommend reading that one if you get the chance. 

Happy Sunday 


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