Signs of the Sewdiac Box 9 The Sewing Box

Signs of the Sewdiac Box 9 The Sewing Box

This months Signs of the Sewdiac box is here and we are on the home straight to the finish line, we are on sign number nine of twelve and I can’t believe the set is nearly complete. The Ninth sign is a classic it’s ‘The Sewing Box’. Check out what was in the box this month and now available on my Etsy store.

First up is a sewing box essential, a kit to make your own needle case. rather than the traditional book style, I made a roll design which I prefer. Of course, you could totally use the pieces to make a normal style one if you prefer. 

The pin this month is obviously based on a traditional cantilever sewing box which I just love! They remind me of my childhood and learning embroidery with my mum. I am not ashamed to admit I have way too many full-sized ones stored at my parent's house. 

I don’t actually know what I did before I had washi tape in my life but I know that I couldn’t live or sew without it now, I found this silver star tape and knew it was destined for this box. I keep a roll in my sewing box at all times. 

I thought it was about time for another pencil and this time it is reminding you that you are a sewing star. 

The sewing box card and sticker are also both included as usual. 

Don’t you think the Needle case and the Pincushion make the perfect pair? You can get your hands on both kits now in my Etsy store. 

You can sign up for the last three subs boxes on my online store Sew Crafty now and you can pick up previous boxes and some of the individual products on my Etsy Store

Sammy xxx

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