Change Maker Initiative

Change Maker Initiative

Today I want to introduce something really exciting that I have been working on behind the scenes for a little while now, Let me tell you about The Change Maker Initiative.

My friend Portia, who you may know from the blog and the Refashioners, came to me a few months back and asked if I would be interested in collaborating with her on a project she had in the works aimed at harnessing ‘The Power of Making’ to effect positive change.


Portia Lawrie: “I was moved to act in 2015 by the tragedy & injustice of the Grenfell Tower fire. I organised @makersforgrenfell A sewing community initiative to raise funds to support the victims. We came together as a Maker community & raised over £5k in a very short space of time; through de-stash sales, raffles and donations. That experience massively opened my eyes to what power this community has to be a positive force for good; and I’ve been ‘percolating’ on the concept of a more permanent & wide reaching community initiative ever since”

“Recent world events have accelerated this idea & galvanised my thinking around it. It has become urgent. We NEED change. And we are going to have to do what we can MAKE that change.”

“I had reached out to Sammy with the idea of a pin that could reflect that Maker power and be sold to raise funds for charity at the same time. We got chatting. Things quickly snowballed! Cue an outpouring of ideas for a whole range of products aimed at the Maker community. And so…The Change Maker Initiative was born.”

The symbol of the fist clenched around scissors has been aptly repurposed from Portia’s community blog series ‘The Refashioners’, given a glossy new look, & a new purpose. Portia has long felt this symbol had a power all of its own. That it reflected our power as makers, coming together as a community; to challenge ourselves to make changes to how we think & what we do, in our making practice. For The Refashioners it was all about challenging & changing the way we look at old
clothes & textile waste.

But now it is evolving. Now it is expanding its scope. Beyond our making practices & into the wider world.

The Change Maker pin is the first in a line of products that Portia and Samantha will be releasing over time. 100% of the profits of these products will be donated to charities promoting positive social & environmental change. In time we hope to
develop a whole Change Maker range. Products designed specifically by Makers, for Makers, and with the aim of having a positive social and environmental impact at their heart.

You can order your own Change Maker Pin Badge exclusively at Samantha Claridge Studio now!

Samantha Claridge “ Portia came to me with a simple question about how she could get a pin badge made and it was clear to me that it was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to what she had in mind for this initiative. I am so happy she reached out to me and I am so proud to be able to be a part of this”

We have many, many plans for the Change Maker Initiative going forward. The Change Maker Pin is just the first step on a path that we can see having endless potential for our creative and wider community.

If you are interested in learning more or want more information and images, please contact

Portia Lawrie – @portialawrie – 07841717197

Samantha Claridge – – 07738553208

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