How I Label My Fabric Stash

How I Label My Fabric Stash

One of my favourite things to do as a designer is to create products for myself that solve a problem, or fulfil a need I have for something that doesn't already exist. The fabric stash label notepad that was in my most recent Signs of the Sewdiac box was one of those products. I have been struggling with the size of my fabric stash for years as it was too large for one person to handle. I was a hoarder but also

I was a hoarder but also I did have a lot of 'just in case' pieces of fabric for when I used to do alterations and repairs. I also had a massive stash of scraps for making fascinators and toys etc. So all in all just too much that I was never going to get round to using.

Last year when I had my massive house de-clutter I spent five days in my craft room, most of which involved going through my fabric. I donated three bin bags worth of scraps to my old schools textile department and three bags of larger fabric pieces to a local craft group. I was so proud of myself.

When I was going through my stash I came across some of my favourite pieces which I had at some point stored in zip lock bags. I had popped a little A5 sheet of paper inside the bag with a few details on. I was impressed with past Sammy's foresight to label up the five identical looking black fabrics so future Sammy wouldn't have to open every single one to find the one she was looking for.

It made me think that now I had a manageable stash that I should label up as many as I could to make future searches less soul destroying. I mocked up this exact design on my computer and printed them out and popped on in with each of my new curated fabric pieces. It occurred to me that it would be really good to have a notepad, with easy tear-off sheets that everyone could make use of. So I made it a part of the Sewdiac collection.

You can grab your own now on my Etsy store along with all the other Sewdiac products that have been released. Don't forget you can sign up for the Signs of the Sewdiac subscription box over on my online fabric shop Sew Crafty.

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