Learning to Let Go

Learning to Let Go

I am a hoarder, apparently not just of things but also of responsibility. One of the things I have realised since talking to my business coach is that I hold on to things from my past, grasping them so hard that they make my hands ache. I'm sure I am not alone in this, and I know that part of my anxiety is caused by worrying about things I cannot change. So how do I let go of all these hoarded feelings and clear my mind enough to move forward with this part of my life? I am learning to let go. It is hard, but the more I do it, the more I want to, the more physical stuff I get rid of, the more I feel I can let go of the stuff that fills my head. I am not going to tell you that all it takes to 'let go' is to do it because it’s not that easy. However, I just started, and it is feeling so good, so I am going keep 'letting go' until it sticks.

I have been making fun of this book for years, and I am sure if I had read it anytime before I was ready for it, it would have been tossed in a pile with the rest of the books I was never going to get too. However, apparently, I was ready. The life-changing magic of tidying for me was precisely that, life-changing. I read it in one sitting, and the very next day I was knee deep in my wardrobe letting go of all those empty promises of 'just in case' and 'when I lose weight'. I have since that weekend applied it to all areas of my life and work. Clarifying what 'it' is that brings me joy and keeping only that which is essential to my wellbeing. It has allowed me to clear the fog that had settled over my view of the future and now I have a renewed enthusiasm for where I am heading.

I wish I had been ready for this years ago, but I know that I wouldn't have been, it is only once you have travelled some paths that you can see your way to the next steps.


I know that this will not be for everyone and naturally tidy people, like my Mum, will feel like they are being taught to suck eggs, but it has taught me something no one person ever could, that letting go of that baggage that seemed so important once upon a time, will set you free.

Sammy xxx

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