Mini Sewdiac Embroidery Kits

Mini Sewdiac Embroidery Kits

The new packaging for my Sewdiac mini embroidery kits has arrived so I can finally release all twelve signs as mini embroideries. If you were part of the subscription last year you will know that in month two, The Storks, there was a mini embroidery kit, it included a printed panel with the sign on and some silver thread to embellish the design if you wanted to. 

Now all the sewdiac designs are available as embroidery kits. Each kit comes with a printed cotton panel, a 4inch wooden embroidery hoop, basic instructions and stitch suggestions, silver embroidery thread and a needle. The inside of the packaging also includes some more fun stitches to learn as a little bonus. 

Like many businesses, in an effort to make as much of my packaging as recyclable as possible I have been trying to come up with alternatives for plastic and I am happy to say that all the packaging for these is paper-based. Also by adding useful information to the inside of the card section, it means it can be kept as a useful reference rather than just thrown away. 

Grab your favourite on my website now.

Sammy xxx 

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