My Bedroom Decor Inspiration

My Bedroom Decor Inspiration


Something I have never shared much in other areas of my online life is my home, and it is something that has taken me a while to get into the grove with, ten years in fact. I think because the houses I had lived in before I knew before I moved in what I wanted. The home I bought with Steve, my husband, just before we got married was not my choice. It ticked all the boxes for Steve, it was the right size, in an excellent location and I liked the kitchen, so it swayed me, but it is not what I would have chosen for myself. Having said all that It has become a place that I now love more than anywhere else in the world, the only exception being my Parents home where I grew up. It has grown on me so much that although I said that we wouldn't be here for more than four years, it has now been almost 10. And I am happy to say that I finally think that the decor is starting to settle with me too.

Now I'm not sure if it is just because my tastes have changed over the years, which they have so much, or if I have a clearer vision for what works with our space, but either way it has just lately started to all fall into place.


I want to spend the next year working on making our house more in keeping with my current needs for our home, especially as I now work from home a lot. I am starting with our bedroom because it is the one room that has never really come together, it is a mishmash of furniture, and it's not a very big room so I reckon it could come together really well with a few simple DIY projects. You can see from the images I have collected together that I seem to have a style in mind, so I am looking forward to trying to pull some of these elements in to transform our bedroom.

1. A feature wall - behind the bed we have one wall painted in a soft aqua colour, and it's nice, but I think that something a little darker might create a more cosy mood in there.

2. Bedding - I have a few criteria for bedding that I can't always seem to find so I might have to sew or dye some to get exactly what I want.

3. Furniture - it is a small room, and we have a little too much furniture in there right now so I am hoping we can edit what we have and give a few pieces a facelift.

4. Lighting - we have ugly energy efficient bulbs that are part of our home light system which means we can turn them on and off with an app on our phones, so they have to stay, but I want to find or make a feature of them so they can be functional and still look nice in the room too.

5. Decorative touches - I have a few prints that I think would be lovely in our bedroom, they need the right frames, and once everything else is ready, I can decide where and how to hang or display them.

For the first time in this house, I am looking forward to getting stuck into decorating. Which room in your home needs a little something? Is there a room that needs a little TLC?

Sammy xxx

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