My New Spring Dressing Gown

My New Spring Dressing Gown


My sewing projects this year are highly motivated by five main things...

1. I want to use up some of my gorgeous fabric

2. I have promised myself that I will prioritise selfish sewing

3. I need some things that I can't find in the shops

4. I want things can't afford to buy from designer brands

5. I want things they just don't make my size

So with all of these in mind, my first selfish sewing project of this year is a luxury spring dressing gown. I see so many of these from brands that I like but they don't fit and the ones that do go to my size are either not my style or very cheap/ really expensive. So when we had this geometric bow, triangle jersey into Sew Crafty I knew that it would be perfect for my dressing gown.


I rummaged through my pattern boxes and ended up using this Simplicity pattern 5314 as I had used it in the past and knew it went up to the size I wanted to make. I did end up making a few alterations after reading back to the one I had made before. So I slimmed down the waist section and filled it out at the hip and chest area as although I am plus I am a curvy plus size. I also shortened the length, slimmed and shortened the sleeves, and finally, I inserted the waist tie the side seam.


I am so happy with how this has turned out, It is the perfect thing to put on while I do my makeup, It's girly, but not floral, it's cute but not covered in little animals. Although it is pink and I wouldn't normally wear pink as it is a little close to my skin tone It's a colour that won't look dirty instantly, I'm not planning on wearing it out of the house so I actually really like it and it is sooooo soft and cosy without being fluffy. This is my ideal dressing gown.

Sammy xxx



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