My Sewing Alphabet

My Sewing Alphabet

I shared this image in my post last week about my new card designs, this is my sewing alphabet. I Have been working on this on and off since I closed our bricks and mortar shop about three years ago, but never really thought I would do anything with it except get a print made of it to it in my sewing room. That was until I started working on designs about 9 months ago and realised that they would make great greetings cards. 

I hand painted each letter of the alphabet decorated with a corresponding haberdashery theme, A for applique, B for Buttons, C for Chalk and so on. I wish I could have had every one of them printed up into finished cards but for now, I have chosen the top 12 letters to be made into individual cards and had the whole collection printed on a square card. Hopefully, if they are popular I will be able to have them all printed up eventually.

Available so far are A for Applique, B for Button, C for Chalk, F for Fastenings, H for Hexie, K for Knitting, M for Measure, N for Needle, R for Ribbon, S for Scissors, T for Thread and W for Weaving. The rest of the alphabet which you can see in the main pic are D for Dress Form, E for Embroidery, G for Gather, I for Invisible zip, J for Jewel, L for Lace, O for Overlock, P for Pincushion, Q for Quilted, U for Unpick, V for Velvet, X for X stitch, Y for Yarn, and Z for Zip. 

Which is your favourite letter? I love them all, but I do have a soft spot for S obviously! 

Sammy xxx

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