My Sewing Themed Jewellery Collection

My Sewing Themed Jewellery Collection

I am really lucky that I have been able to collect such a lovely bunch of sewing themed jewellery over the past few years. Some are things that I have bought, some I made and some are gifts from my loved ones, I thought it would be fun to share them and some of their stories with you.

The first ones I wanted to talk about are of course the acrylic necklaces I designed for my shop Sew Crafty, but the one top right was the one that started it all. I went to a mini-workshop at Renegade craft fair run by the lovely Ruth and Brendan from I am Acrylic ( who are some of the loveliest people ever). They said we could make any shape we wanted so I hand cut this sewing machine shape out of pink acrylic and on the train home I sketched out the designs you see above. Before they became necklaces I released them as pins and we sold out really quickly so I took the leap and invested in having them made into jewellery. My lovely maker friend Jo from Hello Sunshine took on the job of making them for me and I am so happy with how they turned out. The black and white one was a sample that she mocked up for me, it is actually one of my faves. There are still a couple left for sale in my Etsy shop if you fancy picking one up for yourself.

The zip heart is a little thing I made myself, I think I saw one on Pinterest and thought it looked cute so I made myself one. The little hoop is made from vintage fabric by Louise Dawson Design which I bought at the Craftacular market in Bethnal Green a couple of years ago, At the same market, I bought the scrabble tile Sew necklace from my friend Claire of Claireabellemakes. The large pair of scissors are by Becky Queen of Frocks and the smaller pair are by two of my fave humans Frilly Ind. I think aside from my own these are the two I wear the most, as they are both really fun to wear to shows and meetups.

The beautifully engraved sewing machine brooch is by one of my favourite artists Ella Goodwin, mostly because she combines my love of sewing and cats so magically. The blue vintage tape measure brooch was a gift from my best friend H, she bought it for me from the shop at the V and A. it has a label on it that says Erin Original but I haven't been able to find the maker online anywhere. There are a few people who make these though so I'm sure you could find them on Etsy. The little hexie brooch was a gift in a goodie bag but I can't remember where it came from. Both pairs of silver earrings were gifts from my Mum, she is the sweetest. The two tape measure shoe clips were something I made from some gift wrap ribbon that a friend gave me, I wore them on my shes when I went to a Barbie-themed 30th birthday Party dresses as fashion designer Barbie.[/caption]

Two of my fave bracelets are these two, the gold safety pin one is from Newlook and the leather tape measure is from the gorgeous Beyond Measure.

So there we are all my sewing themed pieces, these are some of my favourite things because of the stories behind them and the independent business owners who made them.  I haven't included my enamel pins in this post, I will save those for another time. Which is your favourite piece of jewellery? do you have a collection of themed jewellery?

Sammy x

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