New Valentines and Mothers day Sewing cards

New Valentines and Mothers day Sewing cards
In addition to the new cards that I told you about last week I have also been working on some fun Mothers day and Valentines designs.
These two Mothers day cards are something I actually designed for my Mum last year and the year before. She loved them so much she suggested that I have them printed up to sell, I am so glad she persuaded me, She has the originals on her sewing room wall and they look lovely! 
This thread reel design has been floating around in my head for a while, Its so lovely to see it come to life.
And to go with it a thread reel label with a Valentine theme was an obvious next step, I am looking forward to having a go at more like this, what occasions would you like to see expressed on a thread label? 
This might be my favourite and I would say not exclusive to valentines as it would work just a well for a loved one's birthday or anniversary.
Last but not least this colourful beauty, again can be used for lots of different occasions, but whatever occasion it is given for hopefully the recipient will love it!
Sammy xxx
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