Premme Inspired Trench Dress

Premme Inspired Trench Dress

If I had to pick my style icon, I would have to choose American Style blogger Nicolette Mason.  I have been a big fan of her blog for many years now, and boy does that girl know how to dress! So you can imagine my excitement when she and, the equally stylish, Gabbi Greg started their own plus size clothing line called Premme. I fell in love with so many of their pieces but living here in the UK the overseas shipping, and customs charges make ordering a little prohibitive for me right now. So until ASOS pick up the line (please LORD ASOS pick up the line!!!), I will have to make do with paying homage the only way I know how by using the brand as inspiration for my makes.

One of the pieces I have loved the most is the trench dress; it seemed to be a versatile piece that I didn't have in my wardrobe already. I suppose it is an elevated cardigan of sorts, especially when worn as a second layer over a dress or jeans. When we had this bottle jersey in to Sew Crafty, I knew that this was the fabric for this project. I ended up choosing the Simplicity 8303 as my pattern as I liked the slightly more substantial collar on this version and it was the closest I had to the original design in my collection.


Of course, I had to make a few alterations, not only because I was using a jersey - what was I thinking- but also because I chose not to use a lining and I wanted to add the button detail that I liked from the original. What I ended up doing was adding poppers at the waist and just adding the buttons as decorative details, but If I were to make this again, which I definitely will be, I would make the buttons and buttonholes for real. I am planning on wearing this one more like an open second layer, but if I was to wear it as a dress, it might get a little risky even though it wraps over quite a lot at the front.

I also didn't use any interfacing on the collar because I didn't want to to get too crispy looking but I think I might do that next time, maybe just on those edges to help give the topstitching a little more body when I am wearing it as a dress. I did remember to shorten the sleeves, but I forgot to lift the pockets which means they are a little low down for me now but what else is new.

I am totally in love with this piece and have worn it and washed it twice already. My favourite way to wear it is over this grey ribbed jersey dress and over jeans and a t-shirt. It just makes wearing everyday clothes into an outfit.

Sammy xxx

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