Signs of the Sewdiac Box 12 The Knitting

Signs of the Sewdiac Box 12 The Knitting

So, this is finally it, the final Sign of the Sewdiac, The Knitting. I just want to let you know that although this is the end of the subscription it is not the end of the range itself. I will be continuing to design and release products for the Sewdiac over the next year so keep an eye out on my Etsy store, and shortly on my new webstore. Let's dive into this months box. 


The pin is a glorious ball of wool with a pair of knitting pins. 

These postcards are part of the desk calendar that comes in this months box, they will come with a black wooden stand, which My Lovely Dad is currently sorting out in his workshop as I type. 


These lovely little black sew on star gems are perfect for this box as I imagine them being sewn on to a knitted beanie, a pair of gloves or the neck of a black jumper to give a subtle festive sparkle.


Now that we are at the finale I can include all the signs in the products I design, this sticker sheet is one of my absolute favourite products so far, including a sticker of each sign and some lovely little star stickers thrown in for fun. 


As always the Greeting card and matching Sticker are in there too. I really can't believe that the subscription is done. It has been an amazing experience and I am so grateful to all of those who have bought any of the products from the range. 

You can sign up for this last sewdiac box on Sew Crafty Online and pick up any of the other boxes and pins etc. over on my Etsy store

Sammy xxx

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