Signs of the Sewdiac Box 2 The Storks

Signs of the Sewdiac Box 2 The Storks


Wow, I have been so overwhelmed with the response to my Signs of the Sewdiac subscription box! I could never have imagined how lovely everyone has been about it and how many subs we have had has blown me away. Now that Box number one is on its way its time to reveal box Number two. Bear in mind that I am awaiting delivery of our pins this month as the Christmas Break and Chinese New Year have held up production of these a lot, so these pics have been mocked up so you can see what it will look like. So here she is The Storks.


Box Number two contains items including an embroidery kit picturing this months sign which is as you can see two pairs of stork embroidery scissors. When I was designing all the signs I knew that this would be one of my faves as it is my birthday month. As they are loosely based on the original Zodiac you might be able to guess which this is.


So this is what the pin will look like when it arrives, I can't wait to see these babies in real life.


We have also had these little magnets made up, I don't know about you but I hate it when I have to pick up pins or needles from the floor, I always end up hurting myself, so now I can pick them up with this little guy!


This is probably my favourite piece of this box, I had The Storks printed up on cotton fabric so that it can be embroidered with this beautiful silver thread. I have left the instructions pretty loose as I want to see how each person embroiders it to their tastes. On the leaflet that comes with the box, there are a few basic stitches to practice if you are new to embroidery. You can either leave it in the hoop or take it out and appliqué it on something as a keepsake.


I am so happy with how this notebook worked out, I love the recycled paper cover and the reverse print on the cover is stunning, also super excited that it has dotted pages!


As with the last box we have also included a sticker and greetings card. Don't forget that some of the items, If we have any left will be available on my Etsy store as soon as it is live.  I am honestly so happy with this box and I hope that you will be too. Which is your favourite piece this month?

Sammy xxx


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