Signs of the Sewdiac Box No3 the Tape Measure

Signs of the Sewdiac Box No3 the Tape Measure

I can't believe how fast the months are flying by and with them comes each new Signs of the Sewdiac subscription box! I am very disappointed that our pins from box two still haven't arrived so we have had to send the boxes out with a note to say we will send them as soon as they make it to us. We are also waiting for box 3 pins too, hopefully, they will be here on time, but until then again I have mocked them up so you can see what it will look like in box three. So here she is The Tape Measure.

Box Number three contains some really cute items including a stash notepad, I had this in mind for ages as something I wanted to design. I use a print out from my computer in a very similar way for labelling my fabrics. I thought a notepad would be so much more useful.

Quite by coincidence, I have been seeing lots of shirts and dresses with star buttons on the catwalk for spring so it is handy that you will get five of these little sparklers in the box this time.

These tape measures were just so perfect for the theme I couldn't have designed them better myself.

You can't have a notepad without a pen so I designed a fun stargazer one to keep in your sewing box.

As with the last box we have also included a sticker and greetings card. You can check out the previous box and don't forget that some of the items If we have any left, will be available on my Etsy store once the boxes have been received. I am honestly so happy with this box and I hope that you will be too. Which is your favourite piece this month?

Sammy xxx


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