Sunday Chill Vol 3 Crystals

Sunday Chill Vol 3 Crystals


When I was 15, I went on a crazy trip, with my family and three other families who lived nearby, to America. It was two weeks of mental travelling from LA to Vegas and back again, twice! I don't know what our parents were thinking. There were 11 of us in all six adults and five kids all between 14 and 16 years of age. We went to 5 theme parks, stayed in 3 casinos and 5 Holiday Inns, including one in BelAir that looked like a can of beans. We travelled to the Hover Damn and the top of the Stratosphere tower, we shopped and got our trainers stolen, we got sunburnt, soaked and stuck in a lift. It is probably one of the memories I will tell my grandchildren.

The reason I am sharing it today is that it was on that holiday that I became obsessed with crystals. When we visited the gift shop at the Grand Canyon, little there was a crystal shop section where you could fill a little velvet bag with polished gems for $2. I treasured a small bag of stones for most of my teens not knowing what magic I had in my possession until I reached my 20's when a book from the library caught my attention. It was about the power of crystals, and I read it from cover to cover. I then realised the potential of this little bag of colourful rocks and treasured them even more.

Three years ago I went on another epic journey with my Husband and some friends of ours to Austria via Germany. We drove and our friends travelled by motorbike. Again it was one of those trips that I will tell my family about in years to come as it was such an adventure and we visited so many fantastic places that photos just will never do justice. During that trip we ended up at a Crystal museum, it was beautiful with amazing geodes taller than people and chunks of quartz as big as our truck! My husband bought me a piece a piece of Lepidolite and a beautiful quartz geode, which both sit pride of place on my desk and have done since we bought them home.

It wasn't until recently that that little bag form the Grand Canyon was unearthed by my mum in her bedroom drawer along with my other pieces of crystal that I had collected over the years and my love of gems was reignited fully. I had been connecting with my spiritual side a lot last year, and somehow these magical little lumps of rock have come back into my life at precisely the right time.

I bought myself a couple of new books and on a recent trip to Brighton stoked up on a few powerful stones to add to my collection, which I thought I would share with you if you were interested in getting into crystals too.


Crystals by Yula Van Doren // The little book of Crystals by Judy Hall // Quartz Palm Stone from Holistic shop // Crystals from Mysteries Brighton, gifts and the Grand Canyon :) // Dish from Flying Tiger

Here are some things I have learned recently about crystals that I didn't know before...

  • You need to cleanse your crystals before you can charge them with your energy
  • Quartz is the bomb for everything
  • Whether anyone else believes in their power or not, I do, and that's all that matters
  • Having a piece of rose quartz with me at all times makes me feel better
  • Learning about them makes me happy

Do you have an interest in Crystals? I would love to know what you think.

Happy Sunday

Sammy xxx

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