Sunday Chill Vol.5 My New Etsy Shop

Sunday Chill Vol.5 My New Etsy Shop

Sunday Chill this week is all about shopping, Handmade, independent, designer maker shopping to be exact.

Over the years I have sold things I have made at craft fairs, in pop up shops and online. I have had a few Etsy shops over the years and I have been shopping on the platform for a long, long time. So it shouldn't be any surprise that I have finally opened one under my own name selling all the things I have designed over the last few years.

There will be exclusive products available over there as well as it being another place you can pick up my Signs of the Sewdiac products. I have popped a few downloadable prints, workbooks and over there and there are more on the way very soon too! It would man a lot to me if you would head over to SamanthaClaridgeShop and add it to your favourites to keep up to date with all the new products that will be added every month.

I am also thinking of adding some of my beaded embroidery pieces over there, what do you think?

Sammy xxx

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