Sunday Chill Vol.6 Embroidery and My New Sampler Pattern

Sunday Chill Vol.6 Embroidery and My New Sampler Pattern


I have been doing embroidery since I was a little girl, I started with cross stitch, but I got bored too quickly with the neatness and pattern following discipline needed, so I moved on to the more freehand embroidery. I have also tried my hand at machine embroidery over the years, but nothing has stuck with me as embroidery has. I assume its the artist in me that enjoys the freedom to create without restraint and the ability to create texture with nothing but needle and thread the way an artist can with paint and a brush.


It is unashamedly slow and peaceful as going too fast or being distracted while stitching can cause stabbing injuries, looping threads and knots. It is for me the ultimate mindfulness pursuit as at the end of your focused sewing time you have something beautiful to show for your efforts. It has the double joy of being something that can be used to decorate and personalise your clothing, bags, shoes, and home-wears.




These are hand painted cotton with a combination of beadwork, sequins, and embroidery. I love how these turned out, and I enjoyed the mix of combining paint, beads, and stitching. I love the textures created and the colour combinations.


If you fancy having a go at this sampler or making up one of your own, so you can get my stitch guide on my Etsy shop now, and it's a download so you can get going straight away. Follow the link or search SamanthaClaridgeShop on Esty, and don't forget to tag me @samanthaclaridge if you have a go at it so I can see how you get on.

Do you love to do embroidery? Do you prefer cross stitch? How do you like to relax??



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