Sunday Chill Vol.7 Cats

Sunday Chill Vol.7 Cats

There is a good reason that Cat Cafes are a thing. Studies have shown that just watching on cats on YouTube improves your mood so spending time with real cats is surely the definition of chill. One of the things I love most about my two fur babies is that they love to snuggle.

If I am having a purr-ticularly stressful day it's like my cats just know, I head to my bed and get comfy with a book and one or both of them will come in and curl up with me. If I am feeling anxious, five mins of stroking my cats can really calm my mood.

Aside from the fact that my two cats are super chill kitty's they can still kitten it up with the best of them and playing with them gives me hours of belly laughs so hard that my face aches. Our Stella's favourite toys are sparkle pompoms, and Bailey loves a bit of catnip.

Somehow, when I am with them, they naturally bring my breathing down, the feeling is almost spiritual. My anxious thoughts, the worries that run around and around in my head all day slow down to a soft hum and my attention demanded by a little pink nose or a soft paw on my arm. If you are not familiar, or if you usually feel uncomfortable with meditation try spending time with a cat because being with one is indeed the closest thing to a meditative state outside of a yoga class. If your feeling adventurous why not try yoga with your cat!

They are my best furry friends and they are both sat with me as I am writing this post. I hope you enjoy the pics of my sleeping fur babies and are having a happy Easter weekend. If you want to see some more ways to chill check out some of my previous Sunday chill posts about embroidery, spirit cards and crystals.

Sammy xxx

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