The Sewdiac T-shirts

The Sewdiac T-shirts

They are finally here, and I am so so happy with them. I have been going backwards and forwards on producing sewing related t-shirts and apparel for YEARS, torn between my desire to own some cool sewing themed t-shirts and my drive to create something that I will realistically wear. I had tabled the idea early last year but when I started fleshing out the ideas for the Signs of the Sewdiac I had lightbulb moment and thought that if we could make a run of t-shirts that coincided with the collection we could make them slightly less obviously sewing related but with a nod to your fave sewing tools. I wear t-shirts a lot, and I am so excited to bump up my collection with each of these.

Like the subscription box, there will be 12 designs in total, and each t-shirt will be revealed as the new box is shipped as I don't want to spoil the surprise for each month but I can tell you that each t-shirt will have a different design with a different placement of the design. This one is January's 'The Thimble' design and will be available in this yummy 'Heather Charcoal' colour from Sew Crafty today! (We plan to ship them out from the 1st of Feb) If we can, they will come in a couple of different colour options for future designs and will be available from XS-XXL. For reference, I am a UK size 24, and I am wearing the XXL, but there is a size table on the website listing if you are not sure. There will also be a few fun DIY hack projects coming up on the blog featuring the t-shirts too if you fancy having a play.

The reaction to the Subscription boxes has been so wonderful, I have been honestly so touched by the messages I have been receiving about them. I am excited to see where this will all lead and I hope you all like the idea of the t-shirts to accompany the range.

Don't forget you can now sign up for the February box on Sew Crafty

Sammy xx

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