Where I Buy My Crystals

Where I Buy My Crystals

Whenever I post a photo of my crystals on Instagram I always get a tonne of questions, mostly about where I get them from so I have made a go-to list of UK online crystal shops and Etsy store where I can send you all and where I can come and get my shop on for my must have crystals.

If I could choose too I would always buy my crystals in person at a shop, but that isn't always possible these days due to there just not being as many independent shops around anymore. So If I have the need for a new crystal for any reason I will always head to these places until I find what I need, or it finds me.


Holistic shop

This place is my go to, I like this shop for crystals to gift. I have a few palm stones and crystals talismans form these guys and the quality is so good.


I love this site for obscure crystals or raw stones. They have so many beautiful specimens at a reasonable price.

Crystal Age

I like this place for crystal jewellery, again its great for gifts and they have a huge range of stones.

Little Gems Rock Shop

These guys have the most amazing geodes and crystal caves, if big gems are your thing, this place is great.

Crystals Online

This site has an amazing collection of crystals but is also has a blog that is a great resource for learning about crystals and their uses.

Shaman Crystal

A goldmine of crystal goodies, again really good for obscure crystals and crystal related accessories with loads of choice.


If you are looking for something so special that money is no object this is the place. Even if you just want to look at the pretty things, it's a great place to get some inspiration.


UK Etsy Stores 

You know how much I love Etsy so these are my go-to gals over there if you want to support the little guys

Totally Polychromatic

Unreal Earth


Spiritual Wellbeing

and for epic gemstone jewellery Little gems by Mel

So I hope that little roundup is as helpful for you as it is for me and that you head over and show these stores some love and if you get a chance let them know I sent you.

Sammy xxx


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