Why I Sew

Why I Sew

I have been able to use a sewing machine for as long as I can remember, but more so as an adult and especially when My mum and I bought a sewing shop back when I was 21.

I love sewing, but not to the exclusion of all other forms of creativity. It is hard in the virtual world that is social media and business these days, everyone is told to find a niche, and I completely understand why that is important but, and this like mine is a big but, is this not teaching people to limit themselves?

I sew because it is a great way to express my creativity and also a truly practical skill to practice. But it is not all I am; I m not sure how I feel about being put into a box of being a sewer, sewist, seamstress or dressmaker when this is the smallest part of who I am. I am a designer, maker, artist and creator, a wife, daughter, businesswoman, sugar addict, too much tv watching weirdo.

I want to be, but I do find it hard sometimes to take pleasure in the process, I am more about the result. Which is funny because that is the only creative thing that I get that way about. The answer to why I sew is simple though; I sew because I love all the things that it brings to my life. It has brought friends and opportunities that I could never have dreamed. I was able to create my dream wedding dress and make costumes for my friends; It means I get to spend all day surrounded by fabrics and trimmings that fill my heart with joy.

I would love to know why you sew, or what your favourite thing about sewing is for you?

Sammy xxx

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