Fiskars Curved Needlework Scissors

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Product Information

Fiskars Curved Needlework Scissors.

The word classic is no mistake, the iconic orange handles are a mark of Fiskar's quality.

These are a work-box must-have, they are the perfect length for a great range of uses from snipping threads to cutting the ribbon.

the overall length of the scissors is 10cm the blade is 3.5cm long

Keep for use only on fabrics and fibres. Avoid cutting plastics and paper as this will blunt the blades.

  • For intricate and delicate (craft and sewing) cutting needs - Micro-tip™ point (facet-grinds on the tip) for greater visibility.
  • Ideal for accurate cutting of small patchwork pieces, trimming seam allowances and for giving a clean, fine cut to paper (buttonholes & the tightest corners).
  • Ergonomic patented handle for extra comfort and control.
  • High-quality stainless steel blade.
  • Long-lasting cutting performance.
  • Cut lightweight & small pieces of paper / plastic coated sheets / curling ribbon / gift wrap.
  • Right and left-handed.

Fine-pointed and curved tip for intricate and delicate cutting needs. Easy access under a sewing machine foot, ideal for Hardanger Embroidery.