Iron on Transfer Pencil

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Product Information

Hot-iron transfer pencil is for tracing designs on to transfer paper ( tracing paper) then turning over and ironing on to fabric.

Great for embroidery fabric painting and craft work. Remember to trace your design in reverse, especially if tracing lettering.

It  leaves a permanent mark, does not wash out so must be covered.

Note: although it says on the packaging 'instructions on back' there aren't any other than we have pictured here.

So print of your desired pattern (in reverse) , place tracing paper over the image and trace your design with a sharpened transfer pencil. try not to press down too hard.

place your traced image face down on to the fabric you want to transfer the image on to and iron over the top with your iron set on cotton.

remove the paper to reveal the transferred image. This image is permanent so will need to be completely covered with embroidery or paint as it will not wash out.

the colour of this pencil is red-ish brown.