John James Embroidery Sewing Needle Packs

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John James Sewing Needles

JJCCoo1 - Chenille size 18 x 5 needles
Chenille size 20 x 3 needles + Chenille size 22 x 2 needles

This design is ideal for the beginner starting crewel embroidery and contains medium sized crewel embroidery needles. The large eye makes it easier to thread especially when using crewel yarns and is ideal for creating Jacobean work. These needles will also accommodate 6 strands of floss/stranded cotton. Chenille needles have a sharp point making it easy to pierce the fabric when creating embroidery stitches. A medium to coarse fabric is recommended.

JJCC002 - Chenille size 22 x 5 needles
Chenille size 24 x 3 needles + Chenille size 26 x 2 needles

Size 22 to size 26 Chenille needles are slightly finer and have smaller eyes than the Chenille needles in design JJCC001 Crewel Embroidery. The needles have large eyes and are still relatively easy to thread.  This combination of needles is best used on fine to medium fabrics and in addition designed to be used in Jacobean work.

JJCC003 - Chenille size 22 x 5 needles
Embroidery size 3 x 5 needles + Embroidery size 5 x 4 needles

A unique combination of needles designed to encourage creativity incorporating different effects. Why not experiment and create different textures using crewel yarn and floss together in the same project. Embroidery size 3 and size 5 will accommodate up to the full 6 strands of embroidery floss/stranded cotton.

JJCC004 - Embroidery size 3 x 5 needles, Embroidery size 5 x 4 needles, Embroidery size 7 x 9 needles

A needle combination designed to be used in the art of embroidery using floss and stranded cotton. This kit contains the most popular embroidery needle – a size 7. However size 3 and size 5 are ideal for the beginner or the embroiderer that prefers to use a larger needle, both sizes are easy to thread.

JJCC005 -Embroidery size 7 x 9 needles
Embroidery size 9 x 5 needles + Embroidery size 10 x 4 needles

This is a needle combination for the intermediate or advanced embroiderer or for those who prefer a finer and shorter needle. An embroidery needle has a long large eye and is identical in length and in diameter to its cousins within the Sharps family. This makes this needle collection fantastic to use for general sewing. Do you struggle to thread an ordinary sharps sewing needle? The answer is to use an embroidery needle instead