John James Quilters Needle Packs

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John James Sewing Needles

Quilting size 7 x 6 needles + Quilting size 8 x 5 needles
Long Darner size 7 x 5 needles

Basting is the art of joining layers of fabric and wadding together and this is done before commencing the art of quilting. Ever wondered which needle to use? No need to search we have included a basting needle, also known as a long darner in this needle combination. The needle is specifically designed in length to sew through the thickest combinations of fabrics.

Quilting size 7 x 6 needles + Quilting size 8 x 5 needles
Quilting size 10 x 9 needles

For the discerning quilter, this needle combination includes the most popular size of quilting needles: a size 7 and a size 8. However, a size 10 allows the quilter to become more adventurous in creating even smaller stitches and developing the art of intricate stitchery. All needle enthusiasts would be frilled to own this needle combination.

Quilting size 3 x 5 needles + Quilting size 5 x 6 needles
Quilting size 7 x 9 needles

This wallet provides the beginner with an introduction to the art of quilting and patchwork. A quilting needle is sometimes referred to as a Betweens needle however it is the same needle. A quilting needle is smaller in length than a standard sewing needle and this enables the quilter to create small stitches. The finer the quilting needle the smaller the length, this is why it is so important to learn the art of creating small stitches using a larger size quilting needle such as the needles in this wallet: size 3 and size 5. The most popular size of the needle used in quilting is a size 7 and this is included in the wallet.